Sunday, 15 May 2011

my jessie, my ANGEL..xoxoxoxo...aunty loves u

this week was so fun!, my sister came around and we had such a good tym. my niece is so adorable, and she made me soooo happy :). i was looking forward to carrying her but mehn. d gal is such a big gal now!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

am looking forward to close of work( like i dont always! lol)..yay!! i get to see my older sis and my family has grown over the past few years with additions of in-laws and nephews and a niece :), they are all precious and spending time with them cannot be traded for nada! yup. i last saw my niece when she was still a tiny baby, but she has grown so much and i cant wait to lift her up and give her a thousand kisses..:). till den, work , work!!!
forget wat's on my PC screen!'s just a distraction.... xoxo

Sunday, 8 May 2011

fun nyt out

so, iv been blessed with amazing friend's, it beats me! at times i wonder if am deserving of their love.
me and toyin , karaoke nyt , we sang our hearts out...:)

the whole lot of us..we are happy people!! lol..we had mad fun that nyt and karaoke was just d appetizer. God bless and keep my friend's ..AMEN :)


hi there, so i have been reading a lot of personal blogs and i think i like the idea of having a platform to project who you are, what you do, love and basically, just your thots and your world as a whole.
i believe life should be fun and each moment should be precious, we all have to find what keeps us going and hold on to it :).