Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hey everyone!

How is everybody doing? I hope all went well as planned for each of you. So, today I went to church and came back really reflecting on my life and how much of it I was putting to use for God's will. The message was about the end of time!!! Now I cant remember when last I listened to a sermon on THE RAPTURE. It almost seems like people do not talk about it anymore.Sitting in church and reading through those scriptures sent shivers down my spine. The Bible says that no one knows when it will happen, but the son of Man (JESUS) will come as a thief in the night to take with him all who were waiting and preparing for his return!

What does it really mean to wait and prepare? My pastor gave an illustration of a woman awaiting the return of her lover. She will do everything possible; clean, cook... to make that arrival special. But for us, we do not even know when this event will take place! Hence aren't we supposed to be prepared at all times?? To be constantly in His will and in obedience to all that He has commanded us to do, to reach out to the lost, feed the poor and lend a hand always.
My ultimate goal is to make it to heaven!!! Now, shall I continue to do those things that hinder me from getting there? I have a race to run and I must run it well. God give us all the strength to be found worthy when that glorious day comes.

I'm sitting on the floor with my laptop, writing this post and also waiting for the grand finale eviction show of BBA. I can't wait for Karen to be crowned winner! To think that I used to dislike her initially is amazing... I seriously wish her the best and hope this experience makes her a better person. I shall not say anything about the other housemates because I watch the show to see Karen only! :).
I took some shots of my friend and flatmate Abigail. She was looking really gorgeous today, she always is and I plan to put up a post about her amazing sense of style soon. I also made a visit to the doctor as I have not been feeling too well. I shall be sharing the findings from the consultation with you guys in my next post.
Have a lovely week

Sunday, 24 July 2011

crazy about beads..

Hi there everyone, hope your week went well, it is a start of another and we just cant give enough thanks to God for life and love and everything he has bestowed upon us.
I promised to share with you all, my newest craze! yea am so into pearls and beaded jewelrly especially bracelets, they just seem to add color, class and sometimes funk to what i wear.

I am collecting so many now ,as a child i would search through my mum's jewelry box and wow at the amazing pieces she had, i will really want my daughters to do same, we all know fashion comes around.
Here are a few of what i have begun collecting ,the bracelets are all mine but the neck pieces are for Dorcas and could be replicated on order at very good prices, i put up just a few of her stuff, she really is good at making unique pieces and tailors them to individual needs.( PS, you can call her on this number 08035600731 to place your order)
pair these with whites, pink, or any light colored dress
perfect for that special dinner, this will def make you the center of attraction, dazzle everywhere, pair this with a plain simple dress.
this beautiful piece hmmm, i love, love.. the color combination and the structure gives a touch of class .
now these remind me of candy!..want some?? the mustard yellow is so, so pretty, the camera did not do justice to it

blue is the color of love :)..rock this with denim, plain outfits, will def make you happy !
i love these colors especially because they can go with almost any other color.

more layers , more glam

Am so not done with collecting and will keep getting as much as i can ! yup, that crazy. :) have a lovely week guys

Monday, 18 July 2011


fun, classy and versatile. I love Vee's style especially because she makes dressing up to work so fun and classy, considering my work place has a dress code of formal / casual, Vee's style sense is inspiring to me. You dont necessarily have to be uptight in suits to look sharp! there are other ways , and you can have fun with it too.
here is her definition of what style is
"style: it  is a definition of my mood... when am happy, sad, depressed or i dress the way i feel..PS i never take a picture when am not happy. i think style defines your personality"
Suspenders and a tie , me lovey! :)
on a cold day, no need for frumpy , a pull over, tights and killer pumps and you are classy to go!

all black and a touch of red on a whole different it!
green  dress and nude pumps!!
love this tomboy look totally cool for dress down Friday, she gives TIMBERLAKE a run for his money! ;)

hope you enjoyed viewing and learned a thing or two..till next time xxx. PS. thanks Vee for sharing :)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

My leopard print top

back from church , felt like taking a couple of photos, everything was against me. the weather was hot, i was sweaty and Dorcas was not in the mood at all to take the photos :(.
anyways, i wasn't going to let the sun or Dorcas get in the way of me having my picture taken.. result = not so good shots , but whatever ! i had fun while at it. the blouse am wearing was sewn, i saw the fabric at the market and fell in love with it, i gave it to my tailor, the idea was to make a long dress i could wear with leggings but she ended up sewing it too short i had to make the most of it cos i love the leopard prints, what do you think??
Have  a blessed week xxx
bad dorkie! taking that view!
i love this one ! hehehe

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

dedicated to miss sophia :) XXX

Today didn't start out too well ,how could it have? i went to bed with a whole lot on my mind and woke up feeling like oh no! i have to face this again !! as if that wasn't enough, we had no electricity, had to go for what i did not plan to wear ( sorting out what to wear to work is becoming a burden these days, used to be fun, i don't know what's happening!)
went to the office, had 3 major task to deliver so i got myself in work mode (  this is usually a serious face and me leaning ahead, away from my chair  to stare at my  computer "CONCENTRATE" i could move a glass with that gaze!! lol.. i wish..seriously i wish that though, some HEROES kinda stunt *wink* ) and that's when my head began to bang! i started to sneeze too! omg! my colleague had been sneezing over my head yesterday when she came over to my desk to review a document with me! Maria noooooooooooo!!!  she had passed on the virus :( , i couldn't concentrate and remember i had 3 major tasks to deliver hmmm, i tried and tried but was making no head way. this task would have taken me one hour on a normal day ! but i couldn't just get past the first page.
then i heard the message tone from my phone, my cousin was asking if i was hungry? now ,my cousin is always hungry, i personally believe she has got worms, nobody has that fast a metabolic rate!
Onofiok aka Sophia knows how to crack up anybody, the typical sanguine and live-wire in every gathering.. she was definitely the pill i needed to cure my current ill state. so we hooked up at jevinik restaurant, had lunch, laughed ( mehn onofiok is a mad case, i cracked up so bad, i totally forgot i had a headache or worries sef), deliberated on going back immediately to work or chilling a bit more cos we were having such a blast just gisting.
lunch meet up
my zweet and i, never a dull moment

we dispersed , i went back to work and voila was able to finish up a task! hallelluyah bells ringing :), A JOYFUL HEART IS DEFINITELY GOOD MEDICINE
by 5pm, my phone beeps , Onosco again! and yup she is hungry again!! i swear if i follow the way that girl eats, i wont be able to pass through my door ! so we hooked up again. this time babes wanted ice cream, we ended up having none, i had a healthy cup of  wrenger ( apple, grape, pineapple) smoothie, while she had shawarma and a bottle of coke at Exclusive stores.Of course you know gist never lacks so we continued, this was even more fun cos we had people to analyze ! we were having such a great time till some funny insects decided to invade the arena!! they were everywhere ( black bele's)! hissssssss..any ways, we got into a cab and i dropped off at mine and she at her's.
That was one tasty smoothie, i wanted another cup!
between, i hate sharwarma! call me bush but errrrr that stuff SUCKS!
Of late, my cousins and i have fallen in love with pearls and any beaded stuff thanks to Dorcas who makes fabulous ones for us all, will show you guys soon

so am grateful to Onofiok for making my day, i didn't think it will end this good, and even if something else comes up before i sleep (you never know ), i'll just relive our moments today. am seriously cherishing them because i know soon someone will soon come and steal our hearts away and we may not always have these times, we have to to make the most of now. love you babes , thank you for today and all the days we have shared together, looking forward to greater days , and seriously zweet, am taking it upon myself to buy you an antihelmentic! lol
this also goes to ruth ogala , toyin adeyanju, femi gefu, ohuma ochelle, fatima wolof... i miss you guys and i cherish the times we had. love you all


Monday, 11 July 2011


 I was supposed to pass on the sunshine blog awards to ten other bloggers, so here goes to

1.shally and shegi of forstylesake
2. omawumi wemi akinsola ofdaisy-mak
3.tolu akinyemi of poetoria
4. omonike odi of omonaikee janyl benyl of no dull moment
6. karen happuch of for jaydeamon
7.doreen of
8. suzanne brume of eights and eights
9. sisi yemmie of gistdotcom
 i love your blogs and always look out for your updates!
a big thank you still to MS JB for passing this award on to me..please do tag your favorite blogs too! love you guys, hope your Monday wasn't a bad grouchy

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Hey guys, been a while since i last blogged, how is everyone , and the weekend? thank God for the weekend,
i can lay in bed all day....BRUNO MARS STYLE BABY ;).
so am deciding to spark up your weekend by introducing miss christine brown , her sense of style is fierce, bold edgy and HOTTT! . I HEART ALOT .
here is what she had to say about style and check out her different looks....

"Personally I think style refers 2 ones fashion and outer appearance.Style is not just the way you dress its the way you talk and the way you move your body. What you wear is also like a first impression when your dressed with elegance n class even before you open your mouth you'll be automatically respected.Style is being you not trying to be like anybody else be creative and unique its about looking effortless, comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. It is not just about what you wear, it is about how you wear it."
i so want them!! 
love these Gucci peeps 
 dont you just love her style?? i do!!
have a fabulous weekend guys..see y'all later  xxxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

For love is poetry !

Only a few poems get my attention and take me to the world in which the writer exists, only a few touch that special  place in my heart :) , only a few do i try to imagine the intent, the emotions and drama between the lines, only a few do i try to make into a movie in my head while reading over and over again (my imaginations can be crazy!) lol, indeed only a few poems make me say WOW!
Today am sharing a poem written by the gifted TOLU AKINYEMI of, i read Tolu's poems each time and i always go wow!, there are a whole lot he has written and you can check out his site, his poems cover all issues pertaining to God, life and love, i had to share this particular one , and will be sharing more subsequently..enjoy xxx


Concealed, unheard, unseen
Yearning direly to be free
From the nib of my pen, to be spilled.
I broke you into words,
Whose worth would mock the seas
Filled with precious stones abrim.
Into words,
Whose worth derides the pride
of any king or queen who is, or did ever exist,
I imagined you a poem,
And chained it in my head,
(A poem of )You, amok in my head.
(A poem of) You,
Robed with words, beyond words,
Words so lively-lovely, yet to exist.
Words that plead for freedom fervidly,
Impatient to gape at who they so intensely describe
Words, of bits of you, your hips or even your lips.
Or your eyes…eyes
Your eyes…
Your eyes in words,
Your eyes…Your eyes…
In words…Your eyes in words
thoughts of those crystal balls
Slowly lulls me to a dream
(A dream of) words
As threads in a poem
Of you amok in my head
Unwritten, unbreathed
Never to be heard, or read
By you, not even me
Or anyone who is, or is yet to exist.

Tolu Akinyemi 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011

my sunshine award :)

The past two weeks have been crazily busy for me, travelled to Gboko and had no internet access(well I had my blackberry but blogging is no fun using it, I don't like staring at small screens for long).

On a happy note, I was awarded my first blog award by the beautiful, intelligent and humorous miss janyl benyl i was so happy , thank you dear u are a darl and I lovee your blog.
Now this is my first blog award and am not taking it for granted!! Am going to celebrate! Yup , me, myself and moi! Lol

Am sopposed to pass this award to ten other bloggers so watch this space! Heheehehe.
A big thanks to everyone following and dropping comments :) it means a mega lot to me.

Have a lovely week guys, will be posting more regularly, am back to, check out janyl's