Sunday, 17 July 2011

My leopard print top

back from church , felt like taking a couple of photos, everything was against me. the weather was hot, i was sweaty and Dorcas was not in the mood at all to take the photos :(.
anyways, i wasn't going to let the sun or Dorcas get in the way of me having my picture taken.. result = not so good shots , but whatever ! i had fun while at it. the blouse am wearing was sewn, i saw the fabric at the market and fell in love with it, i gave it to my tailor, the idea was to make a long dress i could wear with leggings but she ended up sewing it too short i had to make the most of it cos i love the leopard prints, what do you think??
Have  a blessed week xxx
bad dorkie! taking that view!
i love this one ! hehehe


  1. haha great top, it looks great on you!

  2. Nice! Really beautiful. I love leopard prints too

  3. Luv this ensemble, the tops very cute! :)

  4. love this look !!!! animal prints are really big right now

  5. you look hot Uduak, I haven't forgotten you know, had the craziest busiest past week. Trying to settle back in now

  6. @ Cia,Adiya and karen :Thanks guys.
    @ shally :Thank you too!i know you have been very busy, hope it went well, i shall hit your mail box.:) xxx