Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hey everyone!

How is everybody doing? I hope all went well as planned for each of you. So, today I went to church and came back really reflecting on my life and how much of it I was putting to use for God's will. The message was about the end of time!!! Now I cant remember when last I listened to a sermon on THE RAPTURE. It almost seems like people do not talk about it anymore.Sitting in church and reading through those scriptures sent shivers down my spine. The Bible says that no one knows when it will happen, but the son of Man (JESUS) will come as a thief in the night to take with him all who were waiting and preparing for his return!

What does it really mean to wait and prepare? My pastor gave an illustration of a woman awaiting the return of her lover. She will do everything possible; clean, cook... to make that arrival special. But for us, we do not even know when this event will take place! Hence aren't we supposed to be prepared at all times?? To be constantly in His will and in obedience to all that He has commanded us to do, to reach out to the lost, feed the poor and lend a hand always.
My ultimate goal is to make it to heaven!!! Now, shall I continue to do those things that hinder me from getting there? I have a race to run and I must run it well. God give us all the strength to be found worthy when that glorious day comes.

I'm sitting on the floor with my laptop, writing this post and also waiting for the grand finale eviction show of BBA. I can't wait for Karen to be crowned winner! To think that I used to dislike her initially is amazing... I seriously wish her the best and hope this experience makes her a better person. I shall not say anything about the other housemates because I watch the show to see Karen only! :).
I took some shots of my friend and flatmate Abigail. She was looking really gorgeous today, she always is and I plan to put up a post about her amazing sense of style soon. I also made a visit to the doctor as I have not been feeling too well. I shall be sharing the findings from the consultation with you guys in my next post.
Have a lovely week


  1. I love your jewelry pieces! Very pretty!

  2. FUNNY ENOUGH... i used to hate her to.
    she is so herself. no pretense.
    love her outfit.. so cool and summer-y. :)

  3. yay!!the fashion pheonix stopped by!! thanks for the comment :)
    thank you high heels and amp .

  4. Uduak, thank you so much for following me, I'm following you back:D
    your friend's outfit is so cute, and the white pearls from the previous post are deliciously gorgeous!!! wish you the best in terms of health:) kisses:*:*

  5. Love the white dress over the necklace! Fab!


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