Monday, 4 July 2011

my sunshine award :)

The past two weeks have been crazily busy for me, travelled to Gboko and had no internet access(well I had my blackberry but blogging is no fun using it, I don't like staring at small screens for long).

On a happy note, I was awarded my first blog award by the beautiful, intelligent and humorous miss janyl benyl i was so happy , thank you dear u are a darl and I lovee your blog.
Now this is my first blog award and am not taking it for granted!! Am going to celebrate! Yup , me, myself and moi! Lol

Am sopposed to pass this award to ten other bloggers so watch this space! Heheehehe.
A big thanks to everyone following and dropping comments :) it means a mega lot to me.

Have a lovely week guys, will be posting more regularly, am back to, check out janyl's