Wednesday, 6 July 2011

For love is poetry !

Only a few poems get my attention and take me to the world in which the writer exists, only a few touch that special  place in my heart :) , only a few do i try to imagine the intent, the emotions and drama between the lines, only a few do i try to make into a movie in my head while reading over and over again (my imaginations can be crazy!) lol, indeed only a few poems make me say WOW!
Today am sharing a poem written by the gifted TOLU AKINYEMI of, i read Tolu's poems each time and i always go wow!, there are a whole lot he has written and you can check out his site, his poems cover all issues pertaining to God, life and love, i had to share this particular one , and will be sharing more subsequently..enjoy xxx


Concealed, unheard, unseen
Yearning direly to be free
From the nib of my pen, to be spilled.
I broke you into words,
Whose worth would mock the seas
Filled with precious stones abrim.
Into words,
Whose worth derides the pride
of any king or queen who is, or did ever exist,
I imagined you a poem,
And chained it in my head,
(A poem of )You, amok in my head.
(A poem of) You,
Robed with words, beyond words,
Words so lively-lovely, yet to exist.
Words that plead for freedom fervidly,
Impatient to gape at who they so intensely describe
Words, of bits of you, your hips or even your lips.
Or your eyes…eyes
Your eyes…
Your eyes in words,
Your eyes…Your eyes…
In words…Your eyes in words
thoughts of those crystal balls
Slowly lulls me to a dream
(A dream of) words
As threads in a poem
Of you amok in my head
Unwritten, unbreathed
Never to be heard, or read
By you, not even me
Or anyone who is, or is yet to exist.

Tolu Akinyemi 2011


  1. Uduakkkkkkk!!!! :) You always flatter me, thanks dear for the kind words
    xxx :)

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