Monday, 18 July 2011


fun, classy and versatile. I love Vee's style especially because she makes dressing up to work so fun and classy, considering my work place has a dress code of formal / casual, Vee's style sense is inspiring to me. You dont necessarily have to be uptight in suits to look sharp! there are other ways , and you can have fun with it too.
here is her definition of what style is
"style: it  is a definition of my mood... when am happy, sad, depressed or i dress the way i feel..PS i never take a picture when am not happy. i think style defines your personality"
Suspenders and a tie , me lovey! :)
on a cold day, no need for frumpy , a pull over, tights and killer pumps and you are classy to go!

all black and a touch of red on a whole different it!
green  dress and nude pumps!!
love this tomboy look totally cool for dress down Friday, she gives TIMBERLAKE a run for his money! ;)

hope you enjoyed viewing and learned a thing or two..till next time xxx. PS. thanks Vee for sharing :)


  1. hey i know that face. yep her fashion rocks! love the looks!

  2. Go Vosa! Rock on...I wanna be like you when i grow up, i love your sense of style

  3. I like her style, esp because I do the suspenders a lot too :)

  4. love the creativity, very cutie and nice.

  5. lovely Style....I'm immediately member!!

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