Sunday, 26 June 2011

fun sunday

today was one of the fulfilling days i have had in a long time, coming back from a long journey yesterday , fagged out with no interest in anything whatsoever, i knew i had to make the best of Sunday. i had a thousand and one things to do and just knowing that was stress on it's own.i woke up 5am , did a bit of office work , went to church and had an awesome time in God's presence. today was testimony /thanksgiving Sunday and just listening to people talk about how God turned things for the better was uplifting, i saw two friends i haven't seen in a while and it felt good to catch up.
being away for a week, i missed my family so i decided to hang out with my cousins , we dressed up, took photos and went to the movies .PS : if you haven't seen jumping the broom , i suggest you do! the movie was awesome , we" awwwed", and laughed and cried! ( covering my face) , a must watch ,and i shall buy a copy to keep, it is one of those movies you wont get tired of seeing.
i love my family and spending time with them is always a memorable one. hope your weekend is going on well, have a lovely week ahead guys xxx
nsikak and sophia

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we are family!! :)


  1. Ok I saw the 'flesh' you were talking about now :) It wasn't so obvious in the other one maybe because you wore a dress. But it looks so cute though serious Only thing you might need to watch it so you don't blow :)
    Good to hear you enjoyed your trip xxx

  2. you see JB!lol..thanks gal and thanks for dropping by..have a wonderful week xxx

  3. eheheeh...preT :)

  4. you guys look cute and jumping the broom is a very good movie, loved it :)

  5. thanks Enitan..checked your blog