Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The TEA with benefits (HEALTH WATCH PEEPS)

Ever heard that green tea is good for u?? Well, i research on all sorts of stuff, and while trying to look up  natural  substances that can help with weight loss, i came across numerous articles on the use of green tea. Apparently, this isn’t a recent discovery , the Chinese have long adopted this herb into their diet as far back as 4000 yrs!! hmmm.
Green tea is high in polyphenols which has high antioxidant powers, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it also helps to oxidize fat ( this is why it is recommended for weight loss) click and read about a recent study on the benefits of green tea for weight loss. there are also other numerous benefits of green tea asides cancer prevention and fat oxidation , click
Here is my personal experience.....
Because i love to experiment and try out new stuff (last year, i added APPLE CIDAR vinegar to my drinking water to help reduce belly WORKED !) ,
I decided to find out how true this wonder tea can be, i still am drinking green tea and i must say i have noticed a change in my body system. This tea enables me  empty my bowels every morning, it boosts my energy level because it contains caffeine. it  also has increased my metabolic rate (i have a slow one), i recently fitted into a skirt which was seemingly too tight and "THOUGHT PROVOKING" as my cousin would say  lol, and yay!!, i can see my collar bones now (a major sign for me;)) I think anyone seeking to shed a bit of weight can try it out, though i recommend you get an organic brand. I started out with LIPTON and i saw no changes, immediately i switched to an organic brand ..voila!!! 
I take it morning and evenings, if u want to have an early night tho, avoid taking it at will keep you up and alert.

this is the brand am currently drinking, you can get flavored ones too!

Share your green tea experience with me please, for more info on the TEA with benefits, Google benefits of green tea 
Thanks for stopping by, i hope someone finds this


  1. hmmm those bowels eh, now where is that priceless picture... remember

  2. lol! omonike odi!!! i still have the pic and i shall hide it far, far away from u!.thnks for dropping by

  3. Yay! I'm glad I found the blog. Me likey :) I love green tea. I'm really not a fan of anything Lipton, so any other brand works for me.

  4. yay!! am happy u came by :). thanks dear

  5. Twini, well I am not overly excited abt d tea but I caught the tummy reducing vinegar and I am going to look into that cos I REALLY NEED IT. As 4 d tea, well maybe wen I start eatin well nd d fat signs I noticed 2day start tkin effect.

  6. Good twinie! Try it out and monitor your progress, google more on Apple cidar vinegar, it will help you. Thanks for dropn by

  7. Are you trying to lose weight? If the picture you posted in your last post is a recent one, then you look very ok to me o.
    Have you bothered to check your BMI? Just so you don't go losing weight when you should indeed be trying to gain some :)

  8. miss JB, yea i am, gained alot recently, last tym i checked my BMI it was 24, now with the new weight gain, i know i have to watch it! abt those pics..hmmmm i guess they r deceptive! lol. thanks for dropping by

  9. You're still within the optimal range but I get what you mean. Just watch it though so it doesn't get over board but don't do anything drastic because you're very ok :)

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