Thursday, 2 June 2011

and he gave each of them TALENTS.

i dont usually like to read , but every now and then, i come across a write up that touches me in the deepest part of  my soul. it is amazing to see how gifted people are at the stuff they do, just reading a poem and you wonder how the writer came about those words and his ability to open your mind to the message between the lines .
it truly is amazing.. we all have gifts and like a friend of mine would say, " we must put these talents and gifts to good use, it is the reason we are on planet earth". So i ask myself today, Uduak, what talent(s)do you have????!
i will like to acknowledge 2 of my friends who write so beautifully and inspire people while they are it. so here is to TOLU AKINYEMI (click to read some of his poems )and OMONIKE ODI of omonaikee.blogspot. splurge into the world of WORDS and get lost in them! happy reading :)

that is a sign post of a hotel in Benue Nigeria..lwkmd!! naija for life peeps.


  1. I feel honoured, so honoured, Thanks darl :)

  2. aww UD- thank ku!You know, you are one person who owns my joy whenever i achieve something. you celebrate me with such goodwill and abundant abandon and are just as excited about my emerging brand as i am. This blog seems to be about a phase of exploring beyond what u are used to- when u find what u r looking for, i'll be there for you girl!Thank u.

  3. naikee dearie..thanks :)
    T...ur welcome hun :)

  4. You are a good writer yourself. You should write more often. I like your choice of words; always carefully put together.
    I should be checking your friends' blogs soon. I hope it's worth the while, anyway I take your word for it.

    That hotel is cracking my ribs so badly! Jeez!

  5. awww thank u JB! trust me, u will have a good read. the, crazy innit?

  6. So what's ur talent? U discovered it yet?