Monday, 13 June 2011


yesterday i went to visit my sister and her friend Dorcas, as much as i love to be behind the camera taking people's fotos, i also love to pose every now and then :)
i made dorcas take fotos of me (truthfully..i bullied her!). am wearing an organza sequin top  paired with skinny jeans and ballerina flats. while i feel the nyt time would do a lot of justice to this top, i still wore it during daytime. in conclusion i had a good time with Dorcas. cant wait to get a bad ass camera :), for now,my BB TORCH will suffice
top : SIMPLY VERA WANG you can shop here
bangle wit zipper detail, a gift from Nike, i love it, goes wella with denim
shoes by TOP TREND
Dorcas..mmmuah! I love her ATMOSPHERE tank top the zip details does it for me, thanks dear :)


  1. You're gorgeous girl, and i'm loving your style big time :)

  2. Thanks. Stylishedforever, I appreciate this, love ur blog.

  3. ok so i get a mention and i am officially bribed to comment- what can i say- i am cheap!lol
    and eh- i want the top- royalty fees for mentioning my name somewhere there? revert ASAP!

  4. Nice Uduak,I Like! If i didn't already know you i most definitely would want to now. LOL

  5. lol..meer! thanks for dropping by :)

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