Sunday, 12 June 2011

Accessory ankara

Ankara has come to stay!! and it is so so shocking!! thinking years back, i remember how sad my sisters and i will get whenever my  mom would buy us Ankara !lol..i mean for us then it was fabric only older women wore, and we never could quite understand why and how it could be beautiful in any sense. fast forward years ahead and Ankara has exploded not just here in Africa but internationally!! i was shocked and filled with excitement when i saw celebrities rocking Ankara click hawt, hawt!!
i happen to own a few Ankara accessories and i never miss an opportunity to wear them. these were got from the TIONNI COLLECTION, u can check out their blog tionni. to view more of their collection, ranging from purses to slippers..everything pretty!
even more shocking to see that ANKARA is a word in the dictionary!
paired the brooch and bangles with a sweater, it added a lot of pop to the sweater
 ankara meets NIKE!! how cool is dat?? :)

have a wonderful week y'all


  1. definately hawt- even better because it's African!

  2. accessories nice. checked out the site and nice stuff. creativity and u start a business.