Thursday, 23 June 2011

comfy coach

Yesterday I spent the whole day in heels and trust me it wasn't funny at all. I decided to give my feet good rest today and that's what influenced my outfit. I am happy I made that decision cos it is 8pm and am just returning back to my hotel room. Now, am attending a retreat and there are no restrictions to dress code ! So I really wonder why I was stressing yday !
These coach bev sneakers are heaven sent and a must have! I swear I can do anything in them(sleep inclusive), talk about comfort!

I may not have liked the retreat location but I have learnt so much here and that's what's important
Hope your week is going on


  1. I wear sneakers a lot too, esp on extremely busy days at school. Comfort guaranteed! You have to be innovative with that thing called comfort and it will not be a totally displaced look either, so why not? Lol!
    Have fun dear x

  2. Thanks Jb, sneakers are a must have , and ur rite about being innovative with comfort

  3. Haha this is the bad side of wearing heels it's beautiful and elegant but you only knows the pain you have to endure. We must suffer to be beautiful