Monday, 15 August 2011


So , the month of August is here and I must say i am not too happy about it .Yes I am not and  why? because it rains all through . I do not like the rains, I know how important it is for life and bla, bla bla... but I just do not like the rains. The only highlight to this season is the fact that I get to eat roasted corn and boiled ground nut which I love like madt! :)

It is so annoying that i have my day planned out and all of a sudden everything gets disrupted by the rain *angry face* ,or that I am out somewhere and the rain just starts to pour without giving a warning sign. Everywhere gets wet , muddy, cold and people fall ill a lot during this season. Forget umbrella's, the rain comes with a lot of  wind here in Abuja and except you have the "family sized typo umbrella", trust me you are as good as bare.

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of the rain, I was so angry. I mean , it could have waited till noon when I was back from church and settled in hissssssssssss.I attended the 3rd service in church, something I never do but had to because it wouldn't stop raining.
I spotted my cousin looking all pretty in yellow and her blouse reminded me of the sun which I so miss right now. All together, her outfit was elegant and pretty. I miss sunshine and cannot wait for November and the harmattan :)

Bows are pretty any day

I love her outfit, what do you think of it? have a lovely week guys .xxx
PS. Thanks Zweet, you looked zweet as always :)


  1. Uduak, you look lovely!! yellow suits you so well, and the bow on your skirt is amazing:) thank you so much for your sweet words, you make me really happy:D as for the nasty weather, let's hope rain will stop for some days, and you can dress up some outfits for autumn! maybe new ideas come up into your mind, who knows? wish you the best and keep in touch,
    Andreea Hash

  2. i want me some hand beads .... u should start making and shipping them to me like right now !!

  3. really fun of bows these days.and i love your up.

  4. IM in love with that black skirt!!

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  5. amazing pics!! i love your skirt!!!

  6. Yellow is a beautiful color that comes out well with black. Truly beautiful.

  7. This is a cute look, you have such a great style!
    Thanks for visiting my blog btw!


  8. Your cousin looks great!

    Now following! :)

  9. I really like her outfit! Love it when ppl take the time to look classy for God! I fell you about the rain! But don't worry, every season has it's reason. If it was just sunshine and only sunshine, it could be a problem. But yes, I totally understand. Nobody likes to go out in the rain. Just wanns curl up on the sofa with a hot coco and with the blinds down. So congrats on making it to church to meet with God.

    Tell the World

  10. cute ensemble!

  11. You're missing the sun hence that beautiful yellow blouse! I actually love love the's very soothing to me. And i don't mind it as long as i've got an umbrella (which now has a permanent house in my bag)

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    Muse Origins

  12. Eh yah sowweeee:) I wish I could send some your way. It's actually very hot here, like crazily hot. #sigh, but I'm not complaining, it's better than the rain :)
    I love your cousin's color combo. I can see her rocking her own beads too. The beads are so cool in yellow

  13. thanks guys
    @ enny: that can be arranged ;)
    @ adiya: am glad you do enjoy this season :)
    @ MsJb : i wish you could too! it is getting better, wish i could fedex the beads to you :)

  14. Aww thanks, you're far too kind.
    Don't mind me, it's not that serious :)
    Glad the weather is getting better for you.
    Perhaps, I actually sent you some sunshine, you know ;)

  15. llooove this outfit!! so classyy!!

    YEllow goes so well with your beautiful skin tone!! love it!!

    Girl u r gourgeous!!!

  16. LOve that skirt!!

    thanks for visiting my blog!

    Practically Coffee

  17. So pretty and so class !! :)