Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hey everyone !so sorry for the infrequent posts, I have been involved in a lot of things both work related and personal wise.
Any ways , a close friend of mine got married on the 28th of January and I couldn't miss her wedding for anything! with all the security threats and uncertainties, I just had to be there and was very glad that I made it. It was a beautiful wedding, a wedding whose love story I had followed. There was joy , laughter and so much fun .I know they are destined to be together and am so happy for my friend.
 Here are some pictures we took. It is rather sad that I couldn't get a proper shot of the couple, I only have nice ones in hard copies.
packed in a hurry, forgot a lot of things including neck jewelry

Toyin , i and Nike of
Secretly planning on how to steal Toyin's dress and shoes em!( i dont care that she is way smaller than i am! lol)

The couple, sadly the best pic i took :( 

I hope everyone is doing well, am looking forward to more posts and yes more weddings, I have a lot lined up for this first quarter of the year.
Everybody stay safe.xoxo


  1. Dear you're looking gorgeous, loving your shoes so much you got gorgeous ones hun! Are the prices of pumps affordable in Nigeria?

    1. yah! really nice those shoes.
      manu, pour avoir fait quelques jours a lagos, je me permets de te repondre, tout ce qui est beau la bas, est cher,lool. maintenant, laissons uduak nous le dire.

  2. yeah Toyin's shoes are tapping...meanwhile if u had not mentioned the necklace thingy i would not have noticed ... the dress i love ...xoxo

  3. u look so pretty

  4. You all look beautiful and i love love ur shoes. Wishing the bride a lovely marriage life.

  5. Very gorgeous in a very happy day
    Great blog,I´ll follow, follow mw back if you like

  6. Yayyy for marriages :) I also am totally in love with your heels. They're so cute and they match the dress perfectly :)

  7. I absolutely love the flower on the side of you

  8. Really pretty pictures! I don't know how I've never been in your blog before! I like it, now following :)