Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My fav scents 2011.

WOW! It has been so long I blogged . How is everyone doing? Christmas is around the corner and all I can say is yayyyyyyy!!! I am super excited because I get to do something different this year (can hardly wait).
As the title of the post says, I am sharing with you guys my favorite scents for the year 2011.
I love perfumes and can stay in a perfume shop for hours.It is always magical in there and all my troubles disappear  for a bit! :). I tend to like flirty, playful and juicy fragrances, but this year I discovered what 'mature scents' can do to boost your confidence level.
These are some of the scents I loved using this year.
This has a whimsical scent, at the same time very sophisticated. lovesss it
I have always felt Elizabeth Arden scents are for the mature woman. This would have heads turn when you walk in :)
i loveeee this one! playfull, sweet, girly, happy all the nice words can be used to describe this
This would also turn heads, very bold, defined and sweet, used this over and over again! still not tired of it.

This new CK scent is not like any of the other CK fragrances, be not deceived by the name, this is my confidence booster scent.Not for the faint heart if you ask me..:)

i will love this scent till eternity! I swear! I love apples and this is delicious as well :)
this scent will grow on you.

Please share with me your favorite scents/fragrances, I would love to give them a try in 2012 .
I am super excited about the 'SANTA BABY' challenge and giveaway by SnS of forstylesake.blogspot.com,. you can check it up here. It is going to be super fun and I cant wait to see the different entries. I will be participating in it and seriously hoping I can pull it off. I want to go daring and bold! hehehehe.

The week is running out already! who cares?? We all love the weekend. xoxo

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

what to do?

My mum bought me this Simply Vera Wang dress. I do not  really like it because I still do not understand the fit.The dress is my size but there is just something about it that makes me feel it could sit better.I however have refused to make any alterations/adjustments just yet. Another thing I find hard is getting the right accessory to use with it, because of the detail around the neckline, it feels wrong putting on a neck piece and at the same time my neck looks and feels bare without one.
I wore this to church and got compliments, so I guess it isn't that bad! :). What do you guys think? Alter or not, neck piece or no neck piece?

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I am really sorry for not updating in a while.I cannot say I have been busy, I have just not felt the urge to update! I have been enjoyin reading off my fav blogs and discovering new amazing blogs.
This is another entry from the beautiful Corine of la seule wilfried. She is such a beautiful girl and something about her reminds me very much of my friend.
I especially love the bright colors of these tanks and the fact that they are V- necked

i really love this! the color and the buttons are super pretty

Thank you so much Corine for participating, i loveeee the tanks.What do you guys think? You can check out her blog and check out her amazing style.
Hope eveybody is having a wonderful weekend, am so excited at the amount of sleep I am going to get this break. yipeeeeeeee.
Have a lovely weekend guys and a very happy Sallah Celebration to everyone. xoxo