Tuesday, 13 December 2011

style crush - Miss Jack !

And so I am pleased to have another style crush post yayyyyyy.Today I feature Sotonye aka Miss Jack whose style game is uber fab! I conclude that she can look no wrong in moi eyes. I personally love her shoe and hair game. Enjoyyyyyyyyy the pics.

Here is what she had to say about what style is to her
"To me, style is personal; It is an expression of oneself. Style could be a definition of sorts or it could simply be a reflection of how a person feels at that moment, or for that period of time. I am aware that there are various categories of style; who makes these things up anyways? If I were to ever define my style, it would be 'a smart look & clean lines'. But there are days when I feel like breaking out of those clean lines and stepping out of my comfort zone. Those are the days when my style fails to be 'the usual' and becomes 'erratic'. Yes, that is what style is to me, personal, infinite and ever so often, erratic"

 I know you loved viewing this post :) totally fab right?. For more on Miss Jack's fab style, check out her blog Miss jack says. I promise you, you will be hooked! lol
Thank you Sotonye! xoxo

Friday, 2 December 2011

my " santa baby" challenge entry

Heyy everyone.So i said in my previous post that I was going to enter the "Santa baby challenge" put up by SnS of http://forstylesake.blogspot.com/. This is what yours truly came up with! I swear it is the boldest i,v gotten with colors. Safe to say i totally color blocked here! hehehe.
Thank you to my zweet cousin for taking the photos and making me up.I had fun while at it :)

 What do you guys think? ITZ fridayyyyyyyyy, yayyyyyyydayyyyyyy!!!!
Have a lovely weekend guys and don't forget to send in your entries for the challenge, lets continue the fun in the spirit of Christmas.xoxo

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My fav scents 2011.

WOW! It has been so long I blogged . How is everyone doing? Christmas is around the corner and all I can say is yayyyyyyy!!! I am super excited because I get to do something different this year (can hardly wait).
As the title of the post says, I am sharing with you guys my favorite scents for the year 2011.
I love perfumes and can stay in a perfume shop for hours.It is always magical in there and all my troubles disappear  for a bit! :). I tend to like flirty, playful and juicy fragrances, but this year I discovered what 'mature scents' can do to boost your confidence level.
These are some of the scents I loved using this year.
This has a whimsical scent, at the same time very sophisticated. lovesss it
I have always felt Elizabeth Arden scents are for the mature woman. This would have heads turn when you walk in :)
i loveeee this one! playfull, sweet, girly, happy all the nice words can be used to describe this
This would also turn heads, very bold, defined and sweet, used this over and over again! still not tired of it.

This new CK scent is not like any of the other CK fragrances, be not deceived by the name, this is my confidence booster scent.Not for the faint heart if you ask me..:)

i will love this scent till eternity! I swear! I love apples and this is delicious as well :)
this scent will grow on you.

Please share with me your favorite scents/fragrances, I would love to give them a try in 2012 .
I am super excited about the 'SANTA BABY' challenge and giveaway by SnS of forstylesake.blogspot.com,. you can check it up here. It is going to be super fun and I cant wait to see the different entries. I will be participating in it and seriously hoping I can pull it off. I want to go daring and bold! hehehehe.

The week is running out already! who cares?? We all love the weekend. xoxo

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

what to do?

My mum bought me this Simply Vera Wang dress. I do not  really like it because I still do not understand the fit.The dress is my size but there is just something about it that makes me feel it could sit better.I however have refused to make any alterations/adjustments just yet. Another thing I find hard is getting the right accessory to use with it, because of the detail around the neckline, it feels wrong putting on a neck piece and at the same time my neck looks and feels bare without one.
I wore this to church and got compliments, so I guess it isn't that bad! :). What do you guys think? Alter or not, neck piece or no neck piece?

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I am really sorry for not updating in a while.I cannot say I have been busy, I have just not felt the urge to update! I have been enjoyin reading off my fav blogs and discovering new amazing blogs.
This is another entry from the beautiful Corine of la seule wilfried. She is such a beautiful girl and something about her reminds me very much of my friend.
I especially love the bright colors of these tanks and the fact that they are V- necked

i really love this! the color and the buttons are super pretty

Thank you so much Corine for participating, i loveeee the tanks.What do you guys think? You can check out her blog and check out her amazing style.
Hope eveybody is having a wonderful weekend, am so excited at the amount of sleep I am going to get this break. yipeeeeeeee.
Have a lovely weekend guys and a very happy Sallah Celebration to everyone. xoxo

Monday, 24 October 2011

tank top button challenge ENTRY -1 MS JACK SAYS

Hi everyone, I recently put up a challange for as many as wanted to participate and show their creative sides and I am happy to announce that i got some entries! I really did not think I would , but thought the idea was one that could be shared with you guys. you can check out the post on the challenge http://uduak-finallyme.blogspot.com/2011/10/tank-top-button-challenge.html and feel free to still participate, it doesn't require much and is fun too, using only buttons!

This is the first entry I got and I must say  that I love , love what MS jack of http://msjacksays.blogspot.com/ has done with her tank top.Very , very creative if you ask me.I wasn't surprised when i saw her entry because this lady has got style! Y'all should check her blog out, I got hooked instantly :)

What do you think of it? I can totally rock this piece any day! 

SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO uduak26@yahoo.com
PS: A big thank you to MS Jack for taking up this challenge and coming up with this beautiful piece. thanks dear. I hope everyone is having a fab week. xoxo

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Does anybody suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome/stress)? I have come to hate a certain time every month because of how terrible I get to feel. Apart from having mood swings ( I could care less about anything at this period), I also have a number of accompanying symptoms like cravings , fatigue , weight gain, bloating and tender breasts! I always count days and pray that it passes quickly and hope it delays in the next coming month! :(.
On the sunny side of life, I recently enrolled in a ZUMBA class yipeeeeeeeeeee !!!. working out has never been so fun! I dance and dance, and work it! lol. ZUMBA is fun and even PMS has got nothing on it! We get to dance to all genres of music, Latin, Hip hop, blues etc..Awesome I tell you. Imagine Kat Deluna, Tiwa, lil Wayne, Adele, Flavor and many more. Am getting my salsa, krump and even KOMOLE groove on! thanks to my BURDIE  for introducing me to ZUMBA. If you are bored with your workout routine, try ZUMBA.

i look so bloated here! HORMONES!!!

Ankara fever is everywhere, and i am still stuck on Ankara accessories. I recently got me some :)

beautiful hair piece

bangles :)
Have a lovely weekend guys! xoxo

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Hey everyone, it has been so long :(. I feel like I have not posted in a year! Anyways, hope everyone is doing great.
So, I recently bought this tank top and it had these buttons sewn around the neckline that definitely gave it a different look, and then I realized that I never would have bought the tank top except for the fact that it had the button detail. I started to count how many tanks I had and why I never thought of being creative with them? All the girl who sold the tank to me did was add buttons and voila! a  simple tank top became more appealing to the eye. Here is what my tank top looks like.

I am throwing out this challenge to everybody. You definitely all have a tank top you can get creative with, why don't we all try it out? I think this will be fun, I really look forward to you guys taking up the challenge :). So, lets get started with what to do...

  •   TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR TANK TOP AND SEND TO uduak26@yahoo.com
I will upload entries that are being sent here on my blog page and we can all applaud and judge on how creative we got with using just buttons :).
P.S : Feel free to do a post on your re-vamped tank top, after all it is your design! ;) .Thank you all in advance for participating.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

One lovely blog award

Hey everyone, I was awarded " the one lovely blog award "by Emma of Nuellasource. Thank you so so much dear I really appreciate this. You all should visit her blog, she is sweet and unlike most bloggers, she gives you two different outfits in one post,quotes and she has this music player on her blog ,that just makes visiting her blog worthwhile . How cool is that? :)

Link back to the person who gave you the award
Complete the form below
Tell seven random things about yourself
Nominate 15 bloggers


Name your favorite color: It used to be Red, i dunno anymore :)
Name your favorite song : STEREO HEARTS by Gym class heroes feat Adam Levine
Name your favorite dessert : Fruits
What pisses you off? : Pretense
When you are upset you: Move away from the source, listen to music
Your favorite pet: dogs
Black or white?: black , It is slimming
Your biggest fear: Not having a happy ever after
Everyday attitude: Gratitude
Your best feature: my eyes, they are dark and mysterious ( i look like a junkie when am tired :))
What is perfection: Will Smith , Chris Brown ( before the tattoos)
Guilty pleasure: Ice cream


1. I love music, there are many things a good song can do
2. I love to stay at home, sit on the floor and watch TV for hours !( yup I could be a bore , but I like to think that i am comfortable in my own space , I can be happy with me :)
3. I love roasted corn, anyone who knows me , knows this :)
4. I am a hopeless romantic
5. I am addicted to my phone :(
6.I day dream a lot
7.I like to try out new stuff as long as they aren't harmful in anyway

Okay! done with that ( felt like an exam). I would love to pass this Award to 15 other lovely blogs, check them out, trust me you will love them.

1. Enny of Say it out
2.Splenda of motives and thoughts
3.Adiya of muse origins
4.9ja Foodie of modern African cuisine
5.Andreea of clothes on fire
6. Lisa of Fashionably fly
7. J. Tomas of J Tomas Fashion
8. Emeh of miss petite nigeriara
9.Mide Coker of mode juridique
10.Ms JB of No dull moment
11.Matilda of texttextiles
12. The relentless builder of relentless builder
13.Qhule of Qhule qhule
14. We inspire us of we inspire us
15. Kemi of beauty style and growth


Sunday, 11 September 2011


So, i am really excited about today's style crush feature,I am sure you would be too when your done with this post and visiting her blog.
Do you guys know anyone who just seems to get it right with their appearance and do so effortlessly? That is how i percieve Shally's style. Always on point with the right amount and mix of accessories, never too much. Okay I will just shut up now and let you guys enjoy.
So here is what Shally had to say about style  :

"Style is like a person's trademark, it is something you can easily identify with a person...it's not just what you wear, its how you wear it, its like an art...What makes style special is the fact that it is individual, always differing from one person to the other...

My Style in words would be--- girly/ladylike, sophisticated and classy with my own twist...Ultimately, apart from looking good, I must feel comfortable and confident in whatever I'm wearing, I love to stand out with my style but I'd never go overly crazy trying to look different."

 I know you enjoyed viewing this post :), Dont you just love her sense of style???
I think Shally is like a modern day Audery Hepburn. CHECK OUT HER BLOG  For stylesake FOR MORE!

PS: thank you Shally for letting me share our awesome sense of style. xoxo.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Peter Pan

Peter Pan collars are trending this season and I personally love the fact that it gives a dainty, feminine look to one's outfit. 60's inspired but so very stylish. Whatever look you want to create, you can with this collar. From sophisticated glam to laid back and geeky.
Emma Watson source

Solange. lawv this! source

 I got this watermelon pink peter pan collared blouse ,wore it to work and I loved the look.

fooling around with my colleagues glasses. GEEKY ME :)

What do you think about the Peter Pan collars,would you rock this trend or not?
Happy labor day to Me and anyone out there observing this wonderful holiday that has fallen on a Monday. hehehehehe. xxx