Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sunday outfit

Thank you again for all the kind words. Here's what I to church on Sunday. Hope you all like. The dress was too short to wear without tights to church.
How is everybody's week going? I hope well. mine is going as planned. In other news, I got registered at a gym and am proud to say I  have been attending classes thrice a week! yayyyyy!! I am hoping I stay as motivated as I am right now lol..We all know how it goes down eventually lol.

 Forgive the state of my face, I had danced so much in church because it was mid year thanksgiving, all of my make up came off ( not that it usually stays on! ).
As you start the week, remember to ask God for wisdom, "His words are plain to anyone with understanding .Choose his instructions rather than silver and his knowledge  rather than pure gold. His wisdom is far more valuable than rubies, nothing we desire can compare with it!" Proverbs 8 vs 9 -11
I wish you all Love , Peace and Happiness. xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012


I want to thank everyone who dropped a note , called or text to console me, I really do appreciate it.
I have not been in the best of moods to take pictures, but I took these some Saturday's back at a wedding.
Hope everyone is doing fine, the weekend is here and I have a lot of activities lined up already!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. We must never loose hope in-spite of what today brings, keep your head up, pray and continue to  pray We have a God who knows all and most importantly loves us like nobody else can! xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Blessed are those who mourn...

Hello everybody,
I have not posted anything because I have been grieving the loss of a dear friend and colleague who died on that ill fated Dana crash. I cannot even begin to describe the feelings that came when I discovered he had traveled. He was a selfless man, a mentor, a friend and a counselor . He never ceased to tease me any second he had the chance to, He  always came down to my level to explain things to me, make sure I presented my work well...... hmmmmmm I can go on and on and on.
 Last year when I had some serious emotional issues,he sat me down and gave me one of the best counsels i have ever received, As he was laid to rest last week Friday, it all seemed like a dream, watching the coffin pass by and knowing that this was the end!
I had major good news to share with him in just some days, and I can imagine how much of teasing he would have dished me :).
I miss him a lot, and I cant even imagine how his family feels. He left behind his beautiful wife and 3 kids. May God continue to comfort them  and keep them.
My Dear DR Jonathan, you lived your life well, only the testimonies that were shared are enough to touch all of those present at your funeral service. I am holding onto to all you have taught me, striving to be as excellent as you were, I will do you proud.
 RIP Dr J.