Tuesday, 13 December 2011

style crush - Miss Jack !

And so I am pleased to have another style crush post yayyyyyy.Today I feature Sotonye aka Miss Jack whose style game is uber fab! I conclude that she can look no wrong in moi eyes. I personally love her shoe and hair game. Enjoyyyyyyyyy the pics.

Here is what she had to say about what style is to her
"To me, style is personal; It is an expression of oneself. Style could be a definition of sorts or it could simply be a reflection of how a person feels at that moment, or for that period of time. I am aware that there are various categories of style; who makes these things up anyways? If I were to ever define my style, it would be 'a smart look & clean lines'. But there are days when I feel like breaking out of those clean lines and stepping out of my comfort zone. Those are the days when my style fails to be 'the usual' and becomes 'erratic'. Yes, that is what style is to me, personal, infinite and ever so often, erratic"

 I know you loved viewing this post :) totally fab right?. For more on Miss Jack's fab style, check out her blog Miss jack says. I promise you, you will be hooked! lol
Thank you Sotonye! xoxo

Friday, 2 December 2011

my " santa baby" challenge entry

Heyy everyone.So i said in my previous post that I was going to enter the "Santa baby challenge" put up by SnS of http://forstylesake.blogspot.com/. This is what yours truly came up with! I swear it is the boldest i,v gotten with colors. Safe to say i totally color blocked here! hehehe.
Thank you to my zweet cousin for taking the photos and making me up.I had fun while at it :)

 What do you guys think? ITZ fridayyyyyyyyy, yayyyyyyydayyyyyyy!!!!
Have a lovely weekend guys and don't forget to send in your entries for the challenge, lets continue the fun in the spirit of Christmas.xoxo