Sunday, 25 September 2011

One lovely blog award

Hey everyone, I was awarded " the one lovely blog award "by Emma of Nuellasource. Thank you so so much dear I really appreciate this. You all should visit her blog, she is sweet and unlike most bloggers, she gives you two different outfits in one post,quotes and she has this music player on her blog ,that just makes visiting her blog worthwhile . How cool is that? :)

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Name your favorite color: It used to be Red, i dunno anymore :)
Name your favorite song : STEREO HEARTS by Gym class heroes feat Adam Levine
Name your favorite dessert : Fruits
What pisses you off? : Pretense
When you are upset you: Move away from the source, listen to music
Your favorite pet: dogs
Black or white?: black , It is slimming
Your biggest fear: Not having a happy ever after
Everyday attitude: Gratitude
Your best feature: my eyes, they are dark and mysterious ( i look like a junkie when am tired :))
What is perfection: Will Smith , Chris Brown ( before the tattoos)
Guilty pleasure: Ice cream


1. I love music, there are many things a good song can do
2. I love to stay at home, sit on the floor and watch TV for hours !( yup I could be a bore , but I like to think that i am comfortable in my own space , I can be happy with me :)
3. I love roasted corn, anyone who knows me , knows this :)
4. I am a hopeless romantic
5. I am addicted to my phone :(
6.I day dream a lot
7.I like to try out new stuff as long as they aren't harmful in anyway

Okay! done with that ( felt like an exam). I would love to pass this Award to 15 other lovely blogs, check them out, trust me you will love them.

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6. Lisa of Fashionably fly
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9.Mide Coker of mode juridique
10.Ms JB of No dull moment
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14. We inspire us of we inspire us
15. Kemi of beauty style and growth


Sunday, 11 September 2011


So, i am really excited about today's style crush feature,I am sure you would be too when your done with this post and visiting her blog.
Do you guys know anyone who just seems to get it right with their appearance and do so effortlessly? That is how i percieve Shally's style. Always on point with the right amount and mix of accessories, never too much. Okay I will just shut up now and let you guys enjoy.
So here is what Shally had to say about style  :

"Style is like a person's trademark, it is something you can easily identify with a's not just what you wear, its how you wear it, its like an art...What makes style special is the fact that it is individual, always differing from one person to the other...

My Style in words would be--- girly/ladylike, sophisticated and classy with my own twist...Ultimately, apart from looking good, I must feel comfortable and confident in whatever I'm wearing, I love to stand out with my style but I'd never go overly crazy trying to look different."

 I know you enjoyed viewing this post :), Dont you just love her sense of style???
I think Shally is like a modern day Audery Hepburn. CHECK OUT HER BLOG  For stylesake FOR MORE!

PS: thank you Shally for letting me share our awesome sense of style. xoxo.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Peter Pan

Peter Pan collars are trending this season and I personally love the fact that it gives a dainty, feminine look to one's outfit. 60's inspired but so very stylish. Whatever look you want to create, you can with this collar. From sophisticated glam to laid back and geeky.
Emma Watson source

Solange. lawv this! source

 I got this watermelon pink peter pan collared blouse ,wore it to work and I loved the look.

fooling around with my colleagues glasses. GEEKY ME :)

What do you think about the Peter Pan collars,would you rock this trend or not?
Happy labor day to Me and anyone out there observing this wonderful holiday that has fallen on a Monday. hehehehehe. xxx